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Professional Development Programme on Implementation of NEP-2020 for University and College Teachers

2 September, 2022

Guidelines For Participants

About NEP-PDP:  The Professional Development Programme (PDP) on Implementation of the National Education Policy-2020 is offered by IGNOU, and approved by the UGC as equivalent to UGC-HRDC Programmes.

The new National Education Policy - 2020 (NEP-2020) was notified by the Government of India in July 2020, 34 years after the last NPE was notified in 1986. The NEP-2020 provides for a comprehensive, sustainable and reformative roadmap for a paradigm shift in the entire education system in the country, and is culturally grounded, is geared toward quality transformation, and is internationally competitive. In so far as higher education is concerned, besides proposing for foundational principles for educational change in relation to Indian traditional knowledge, culture and values, the NEP-2020 proposes reforms in all areas of higher education, including its structure, curriculum and pedagogy, teaching-learning strategies, learning resources and technology-enabled learning, vocational education and skilling and employability, 21st century learning and social and life skills, optimal learning environment and learner support, formative and summative assessment, internationalization, research and scholarship, governance and leadership, and regulation and accreditation.

There is now a need that all the college and university teachers in the country get exposed to the nuances and implementation strategies of the National Education Policy- 2020 (NEP-2020) so that their implementation in institutional contexts becomes smooth, effective, and sustainable.

This NEP-PDP is a 36-hour training programme, recognised by UGC as equivalent to 6-day short-term professional development programme of UGC-HRDC. One can successfully complete the programme within 6-9 days duration; and the certification on successful completion of the programme shall also be equally useful for purposes of API, CAS and any other career advancement requirements specified by UGC.

Who can participate
Any teacher of any Higher Education Institute in India can register and participate in the Professional Development Programme on National Education Policy-2020.The teacher has to register at the Samarth-NEP portal (https://ignou-nep-pdp.samarth.ac.in) by uploading institution I-Card or letter from the Head of the Institution.

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